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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is counselling?

Counselling provides the opportunity to talk about worries and problems to someone who is not involved in your life, to explore your experiences in complete confidence without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings or being judged in any way.

Counselling can help you to feel more comfortable with yourself and your relationships, to feel more in control, to make changes that might be needed and to come to terms with experiences and events in your life. 

Counselling is a way of enabling choice or change or of reducing confusion.  By listening attentively and patiently a counsellor can begin to perceive the difficulties from the client's point of view and can help them to see things more clearly, possibly from a different perspective.

Our commitment

The cheadle Hulme Centre is committed to providing professional, high standard and accessible counselling and psychotherapy services to our clients in South Manchester.

Is counselling for me?

It is difficult to answer this until you have experienced counselling yourself but many people see a counsellor at some point in their lives and most would say that it was a beneficial experience.

People seek counselling for many different reasons including:

Alcohol problems
Relationship/family problems
Health concerns

If you are unsure whether counselling is appropriate, we can discuss this by telephone or at our initial consultation.

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You can contact  us through email, or by calling on 07809 432719

Your call will be returned usually within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

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